Emotional Intelligence Training Level 1


Group sessions: Wednesday 16 September – 2 December 2020

18.30pm-20.30pm UK time / 19.30pm – 21.30pm European time.


This pilot series of online workshops will teach life skills to improve self-awareness, relating and techniques to manage trauma, emotions and your process during your life and spiritual journey. (Workshops count as Continuous Personal and Professional Development (CPD) for counsellors, psychotherapists and similar professions).


This is embodied teaching using, voice, breath and movement and real emotions present in the room. But it’s not group therapy. (Private sessions are available).


Group numbers will be limited to 8 to 10 people. Classes will be online on Zoom


You can attend one, or more or all the workshops. Each one is a stand-alone module. It’s not a term of classes so you aren’t expected to come to them all. But there is a discount for doing all 12. Each workshop will be approximately 2-hours long unless otherwise specified.


During the group we practice staying present, respectful, conscious and sovereign (empowered, aligned to our truth, love and empathy taking responsibility for our needs).


Course Modules

  1. September 16: Learn to meditate using basic mindfulness practice – noticing feeling, sensation, present moment, becoming aware of the witness, while  sitting, walking, dancing.
  2. September 23: Becoming grounded in the body, on the earth , in the present moment –using stillness and movement outdoors and indoors.


  1. September 30: Feeling and taking responsibility for emotions. Learning physical emotional release techniques. Healthy vs unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Communicating emotions using basic Non-Violent Communication skills.


  1. October 7: Self-love versus the Inner Critic. What emotions come up when you say I love you in the mirror? Whose voice is in your head? Getting a handle on the critical parent/super-ego/inner critic.


  1. October 14: Reparenting your inner child and self soothe, and practice self-love.


  1. October 21: Calming techniques for stress, anxiety and trauma 1 of 3: Exploring resources and support.


  1. October 28: Calming techniques 2 of 3: Psycho education – learning what happens in trauma and somatic calming techniques.


  1. November 4: Calming techniques 3 of 3: Dual awareness, flashback protocol and other somatic calming techniques.


  1. November11: Reframing negative limiting beliefs & Self sabotage.


  1. November 18: Forgiveness and self-forgiveness.


  1. November 25: Understanding Co-dependency (collusive-dependence), trauma bonding and the myth of romantic love. Are you a rescuer and giving so much to everyone else that you neglect your own needs? And choosing partners who need ‘fixing’? (Read New Paradigm Loving in my blog).


  1. December 2: Earth Beats – mindfulness in movement. Open Floor dance including witnessing and core movement resources e.g. Ground, Centre, Dissolve, Expand & Contract. What we learn on the dance floor impacts our lives off the dancefloor.


Call or email me to book: cliona@divinefeminineawakening.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 7960235442.


Group Tuition Costs

£50 per 2-hour workshop

All 12 Sessions £530 (£70 discount)


Private Sessions are available


Online course dates to follow