All sessions are tailored to your needs and we work together to find the root of your problem and heal that. Any physical healing will also take you to the next level in your spiritual evolution, insights often arise naturally.


You may be coming to reduce your anxiety, calm your trauma, to improve your relationship, find your soul purpose in life, or to expedite your spiritual journey or anything else.


These sessions empower you to step into whatever is the next step for you, into a safer more contained space or a wider, more expansive place, to learn to feel and sense the world around you using feminine as well as masculine ways of relating to the world and (re)connect you to a sense of the Divine. As you embark or continue on your spiritual/healing journey, I am here to accompany and guide you on your own unique path to liberation.


A session might include meditation, counselling, emotional release, learning calming techniques for stress, anxiety or trauma, spiritual coaching, spiritual guidance, sacred tantric massage for women and men, and intuitive divine healing.


For those on the spiritual journey:

Now it is of the utmost importance to clear all old blocks, patterns, unhelpful ways of relating to the world and all shadows because otherwise you will remain trapped in a cycle of experiencing drama and suffering as your psyche seeks to resolve the issues in your unconsciousness.


You may be looking for some guidance on the next step or looking for meaning and clarity in an increasingly individuating and collapsing world.


My work is focussed on facilitating your spiritual evolution, Divine communion between you and the Divine, increasing your intuition and connecting you to your soul purpose, to your right livlehood, right relationship and right life.


For support and healing:

Sometimes, and particularly in a strange new frightening world of multiple simultaneous crises and lack of social interaction, we need help to stay grounded, centred and emotionally and mentally stable. Anxiety and fear and other emotions can threaten to overwhelm us, or traumas can surface. We can feel the need to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, sex, binge eating, and other addictions. Fear and anger can arise and no one has taught us healthy, emotionally responsible ways of dealing with our emotions.


I can help you with this through guidance and healing, counselling, coaching, Transformation sessions and psychic readings to heal the root cause and take you further or introduce you to a spiritual path.


For those lacking meaning, direction or purpose with questions:

As our personal worlds feel the impact of world events and we seek meaning, direction and focus, we may struggle. I can help you access your own wisdom, your own intuition and inner guidance. And help you see the way onto your lifepath and soul journey. This is available to us all sometimes it just needs to be uncovered.

I am passionate about spiritual transformation and the illumination of all beings, and living our highest potential at one with all that is, in harmony with all beings. Becoming a fully vibrant, embodied, present, being, empowered, self-aware, spiritually literate, content and happy is a journey. And I can help you get there.

I work in a sacred and honouring way, guided by the Divine and your intention. And grounded in Divine love, which is non-collusive and sometimes challenging to help you change old patterns and mindsets so you can have a breakthrough.


For men and women who want to:

  • Learn to manage stress, anxiety and trauma
  • Have a continuous personal connection to the Divine
  • Experience happiness, peace, calmness and contentment and joy
  • Increase self esteem, self love, confidence.
  • Increase your immune system, life force energy and sense of wellbeing
  • Clear old unhelpful patterns and conditioning blocking you from realising your potential
  • Understand why your life is unfolding in the way it is rather than the way you want.
  • Experience more joy and bliss in your life
  • Unlock your intuition and find your soul purpose
  • Heal sexual problems (with ejaculation, menstruation, menopause).
  • Heal problems in your love life or lovemaking
  • Overcome addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, food, sex, unhealthy relationships, suffering.
  • Achieve spiritual illumination, transformation, awakening and enlightenment.
  • And much more


Session Types



  • Talking therapy – counselling
  • Coaching you to reach your goals and desired outcomes
  • Advice from the Oracle – Spiritual guidance
  • Education: (see teaching page) spiritual journey, stress and trauma, next steps

Energy work

  • Transformation sessions for self-healing and spiritual evolution
  • Spiritual or body readings
  • Emotional release to deal with anger, fear, grief
  • Trauma calming techniques
  • Movement and dance for personal and spiritual development

This list is not exhaustive, so please ask for what you want.


Please note I do not provide in person sessions. Sessions are normally by phone or online video link