Most sessions include meditation. Energy work, coaching, counselling, teaching, emotional release and movement may be included as appropriate.


They are booked by email and held by phone or video conferencing and in person in Torquay.


I charge by the results not by the hour. All prices are individually set as I’m intuitively instructed when you make your enquiry.




FREE Initial Telephone Consultation

  • 15-25 minutes of counselling/coaching tailored to your needs.
  • Email me to arrange a slot:



All Sessions and Teaching are by video conferencing 

  • Minimum 1 hour.
  • Sliding scale £/€77 – £/€114 per session dependent on your income and how much the results are worth to you. Reduced rate available for unemployed people.
  • Prices are in £ or €. Euro payments are received by PayPal.


Healing / Transformation Sessions

  • Prior to your first Transformation session, I will send you a mandala that will activate your consciousness and prepare you to receive the most benefit from your Transformation session.
  • Sessions can be one-off taster sessions. But one-off sessions don’t give an accurate representation of what is possible. So I recommend programmes, even if the payments have to be by instalment over time.
  • If you want a particular outcome more than one session will be needed.
  • Sessions are optimally taken as part of a programme with fast illuminating results because the effects are cumulative and several in quick succession make the transformation much greater, faster and much more effective.
  • The full programme has 8 areas/levels of consciousness activation corresponding to 8 different personalised mandalas. Usually more than one Transformation session is required at each of the 8 stages.
  • Session lengths are usually 90 minutes to 2 hours. (They vary because they are intuitive and led by the Divine). I’ll let you know.
  • Prices are also individually intuited and based on what they are worth to you not by the hour. (An approximate guide is £/€77-£/€114 dependent on your income. (If you are on benefits ask about special rates).
  • When you complete the full 8 Mandala Thousand Suns Lotus programme you will be eligible to apply to take the next facilitator training retreat where you will learn how to do these self-healing Transformation sessions on yourself and eventually on others if you wish.



I prefer to work in an ongoing way so I can support you better and you can go further in your healing and/or spiritual journey. A series of sessions helps to  build a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and break down complex barriers to your development.


Programmes are better value than one-off sessions because I am your personal coach for the duration. So I am available for email support in-between sessions.


See the Thousand Suns Lotus page and or email or call Cliona for further details:


PLEASE NOTE: Bank transfer is my preferred method of payment for payments coming from the UK. If you use the Paypal Button below, Paypal will charge you a 3.4%+20p fee which is your responsibility to cover. For example, if you pay £150, I will only receive £144.70 so you will need to pay me an extra £5.30. However, if you pay with Paypal using the email address: and choose the Friends and Family option you won’t pay any fee but there will be a small conversion cost if you are paying in Euro. I am currently investigating setting up a Euro account so please bear with me.


Session Prices