A divinely inspired spiritual memoir of my European pilgrimage will hopefully be published in early 2023.


Below is an extract from the introduction:

“I’m a meditator, spiritual healer, and dance teacher, and therapist, at least I was when I began. This book chronicles my spiritual pilgrimage and journey of awakening physically across Europe, while traversing the inner landscape of my soul and psyche. I’m guided by the Divine Feminine and leading an unconventional lifestyle: with no fixed abode, destination unknown, set against the backdrop of the biggest disaster scenario of all time ­– covid, climate collapse, control and the complete dissolution of society and the world as we’ve known it.

This book could have been a disaster story but I found a life of magic, joy and love instead. I share a unique perspective, hope and teachings from the rubble….”

© Cliona O’Conaill



Leonardo and Shakespeare had patrons to enable their art to flourish. Patreon is the modern day version of that. I would love your support and sponsorship to help me pay the editing and publishing costs. After a donation of £25 you will receive a copy of the book and your name will printed inside. I would be grateful if you feel drawn to becoming a patron at this address: https://www.patreon.com/ClionaOC


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