I hope this section will help answer your questions and manage your expectations.


How do I make a booking?

Email me to schedule a time to talk. During the phone call we will discuss what you looking for, and I’ll tell you what to expect and how to pay for the session. When you’ve paid for the session I will send you an email with the meeting details for Zoom or Skype. Please have at the etiquette and bookings page.


Do you do tantric massage?

I currently do not have a venue but I am looking for one in the UK for the summertime.


Where are you based?

In Torquay in the UK for the summer and early autumn.


How much do you charge?

I am offering a special donation price for the first 10 clients starting in August 2022. You are invited to pay what you feel the session is worth at the time. You can pay more later if you feel even better after some days or weeks.

Normally the price varies per person, per session and lasts between an hour and two hours. The price is based on the results not by the hour. Depending on whether you are having an online or in person session, I intuit the price that’s in divine right order for you. As a guideline, sessions will may be priced between £44 and £188. (If you are on benefits, we can discuss this on the phone).