Sacred Order of Light Energy & Information 17

By Cliona O’ Conaill


In February of 2020, I attended the most transformative, life-changing training retreat ever, taking my life in a completely unexpected direction.

This was my introduction to the Sacred Order Of Light Energy & Information 17 (SOLEI 17) a Divine Feminine self-healing system of spiritual evolution and illumination. Since then I’ve become a licensed facilitator, and the transformations I’ve seen in myself, pets and clients continues to amaze me. Now I want you to receive the benefits too.


The sun is accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. SOLEI 17–(S17) harnesses that power – Sole in Italian, Soleil in French, S17 incorporates numerology that triggers your subconscious. 17 is the number of the Goddess. 1+7=8 signifying infinity.

“SOLEI 17 activates dormant DNA returning you to your true form,” says founder, Dr Swan Montague. It is, “Metaphysical maps for your inner guidance that bring all aspects, dimensions and consciousness of yourself and your environment into perfect harmony with the new higher frequencies of The Divine Feminine,” she adds.

Unconscious patterns wreak havoc in our lives and perpetuate imbalances and struggle. SOLEI 17, uses mandalas, multi-dimensional maps and intuitive card readings to illuminate, heal and transform physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and subtle energy bodies, past lives, karma, complex timelines and soul lessons.

“I had the most enlightening experience after just one session,” says Lyn, Somerset, 3.20.



Now I am a completely different person. Life-long intermittent (chronic) fatigue left me after two weeks. From being an emotional, anxious, tired, ungrounded, insomniac, I’m peaceful, grounded, joyful and trusting. I’m less attached, controlling and ego-driven. I sleep easily and I surprise myself at how easily I laugh.


But it’s not just me, see what others are saying:

“The results have been fantastic. Many of the physical problems that inhibited my full expression have gone, with no apparent effort. I can move, breathe and dance in a way that I haven’t been able to since childhood,” says Mike, Gloucs, 6.20.


“Transformational! I feel totally connected to the Divine all the time and it strengthens with every session. I have a real sense of inner peace and love for myself. With Parkinson’s some days were so bad I couldn’t get out of bed but I’ve been feeling really good since I started S17, connected to my higher path and the new positiveness of my life. I’ve found it all really powerful and quite miraculous because it’s exactly what I wanted,” says Lyn.


“From being emotionally pretty closed, I now deal with my feelings and make healthy choices like finding a better place to live. I am so grateful and feel deep inner peace, harmony, happiness and complete liberation,” says Inger Berit, a licensed facilitator from Norway, 8.20.


Benefits of the Facilitator Training and toolkit are much further reaching. You learn “how to carry out highest master-level healings on yourself and become fully divinely embodied and empowered,” says Swan.

I now have a direct constant connection, a hot-line to the Divine Feminine, stronger intuition and psychic awareness – I can see and sense energy. There is much greater grace and ease in my life and I don’t get triggered. I feel lighter, clearer, more spacious, expansive and illuminated with a sense of inner wellbeing. I feel joy, bliss, harmony and oneness most of the time. I completely trust I will be provided for have no concerns about money. I manifest the life I want if I stay in alignment with divine flow.


“This is INVALUABLE. It reveals the right words and best ways to advance.  It has changed my life, saved members of my family and empowered me to step up hugely into my own divine power and knowing. I feel like I am finally coming home,” says Inger Berit.


“Thank you Goddess for this system. It really is a miracle. I was in despair, then a session showed me breaks in my soul, spirit and aura that were repaired in a massive waterfall of Divine light. I’m peaceful, centred, bubbling with enthusiasm and so in the flow that a new home appeared synchronistically. I feel honoured to share this system with others,” says a facilitator.


What makes this system stand out is that it gives the healing power to you, empowering you to heal and catalyse your own spiritual evolution, potentially unlocking you from needing medicine, saving thousands of pounds on healing. This a light(e)ning approach. One session can go deeper than 50 counselling sessions however a series of sessions gives the best results.


“For the first time since childhood I feel with my whole soul and my creativity and kundalini is flowing again, channelled through my music with sounds that haven’t been awakened for 45 years. It’s incredible,” says Mike.


International spiritual leader and visionary Dr. Swan Montague, has been giving life-changing, intuitive, spiritual evolutionary healing and transformations. SOLEI 17, is the culmination of her 30 years’ experience and mastery in embodying The Divine.

“Swan brings the thunder and lightning medicine needed at this time,” says Elizabeth Kicking Bear, Cherokee Medicine Woman.


Swan says, “Thousand Suns Lotus is the organisation, a Sacred Order university. Each facilitator becomes a lotus in the 1000 suns.  Through S17 facilitators can accelerate a very high state of enlightenment. Once there are 1000 facilitators there will be an incredible global manifestation of the Sacred Order of Light, Energy and Information 17, aka the Golden Age.”


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Cliona O Conaill is a writer, therapist and facilitator of SOLEI 17.



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