Wild  Divine

Therapy, Healing & Writing

How I Work

When I know your intention, I am guided on a moment to moment basis by intuition and the Divine. Sessions are designed to bring about physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellness, wholeness, calmness, peacefulness and spiritual evolution.

The techniques I use include: meditation, emotional release, somatic trauma calming techniques, counselling & coaching, movement & dance, teaching & education, ritual & ceremony, spiritual guidance, intuitive psychic readings and Activation & Transformation sessions.

I work with people: on a spiritual journey, looking for healing, and/or spiritual evolution. With people wanting an authentic Tantric evolutionary experience, or with people looking for support and guidance, needing answers, and people who need something desperately but cannot articulate what it is. I help you make sense of your feelings.

I look forward to receiving you with an open heart and deep compassion.

What I Offer

I am an intuitive psychic spiritual guide, a coach and catalyst for your healing and spiritual evolution. I come from the ground of joy and bliss. I feel deep empathy and compassion and I hold a space of deep serenity and presence through which Divine healing and transformational energy can flow. This is the spiritual aspect of Tantra.

I meet you where you are, with deep presence and compassion and humility. I know what it’s like to feel fear and anxiety, shame, unworthiness, deep grief, raging anger and piercing hurt and all the other emotions in between. I am as human as you are and am humbly grateful that you choose to share your journey with me.

I am not here to ‘fix’ you but to unravel the layers of untruths have been placed on top of the pure essence of who you are. I believe that all physical problems or dis-eases manifest in our mind or energy fields first. I see your inherent perfection and potential even when you don’t, and I reconnect you to the inner truth of your Divinity. Any healing is just remembering and returning to the perfection of who you already are at your core.

Together we peel away the layers of conditioning, programming, negative beliefs, karma, past lives and other influences. As the layers are clearing and healing you gain self-awareness, spiritual evolution and physical healing. And you gradually return you to your birth right as a luminous sovereign being, at peace, experiencing unconditional love and wellbeing on every level - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I am ready and waiting to accompany you on your journey...

With love Clio X