Divine Feminine Awakening

Ongoing Womens’ Group

Hosted by Cliona and co-faciliated by Sidtsara

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Dive deep into your innate femininity to make a difference in your life and on the planet. In the Divine Feminine Awakening group each woman will be given the opportunity to embody the Divine Feminine in her own unique way. As a group we will consciously create a portal through which new Divine Feminine light and energy can flow into the earth for healing and illumination, as part of a web of Divine Feminine energy awakening across the globe.


Level 1 successfully from 5th February finished on the 2nd April.

There is no Level 2 scheduled at the moment

Watch this space


Here’s what one participant said about the Level 1 training:

“I feel transformed. My soul has grown over the last few months and I feel much more stable, grounded and better equipped to face the next stage of my journey.

During the workshops we were skilfully guided in deep meditations, we danced and moved. We shared emotions, from our hearts, and learned to give gratitude for the delicious food.

In between sessions we were given inspired practises to do at home, these have transformed my relationship to the Divine, giving me a deeper connection to Her and to myself. All of this was given an extra special dimension by so much love and support from the participants and the facilitators”.

Summary of Content

There are two Levels.

Level 1 will not involve nudity. Some experience of a spiritual journey is required. It’s not a beginners course.  We will be working with the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and learning to trust our own intuition, become more embodied and present, take part in meditations and transmissions, purification rituals, work through blocks, emotional release, learning to differentiate between story and sensation. In both levels we will dance, practice heart sharing, celebrate, share food and community.


Level 2 will involve nudity and Level 1 or some other experience of tantra or sacred sexuality necessary. We will be working with the physical & spiritual levels andaccessing the sacred fire & power of the Divine Feminine within our own bodies. Includes: Caressing meditation, breast and yoni massage, the art of self-pleasuring, the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine within, Goddess preparation, spa day, fire ritual and shared meals.



There will be two Levels. Level 1 is from session 1-5. Level 2 is from session 6-10. Each level can be taken separately.

Level 1 will be working with the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and will not involve nudity.

Level 2 will be working with the physical & spiritual levels and will involve nudity and conscious sexuality to include accessing the sacred fire & power of the Divine Feminine within our bodies. You can choose to just do the first level or to do both.

There will also be one spa day (in addition to the schedule above and not included in the course cost) and at least one fire ritual and at least one shared meal per level.



The sessions will be held at my house and at the Still Space in central Stroud. It/s possible that in the future I may run a women’s group in Cheltenham or further afield



This Level 1 group began in February and will be finishing on 20 April.



Level 2 dates tbc held in Stroud and Cheltenham to follow soon



All payments to be made in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. Contact me for details.


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Monthly instalment plan available. Ask for details.


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Monthly instalment plan available. Ask for details.




Cliona is an experienced intuitive spiritual, sexual, tantric practitioner, counsellor, workshop facilitator and conscious dance teacher of Earth Beats. She has been on her spiritual journey for 3 decades and hosting groups and workshops for a decade.


Sidtsara is a highly qualified and experienced psychosexual and relationship therapist and tantric practitioner of over 30 years and is known for her ability to hold a compassionate space in which people feel safe to explore express and expand.

The creation of this womens’ group is by the request of the Divine Feminine from channelling that began a couple of months ago.


Cliona O Conaill
Divine Feminine Awakening Facilitator

Temple Priestess & Dance facilitator
Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioner
07960 235 442