In Tantra the body is the temple of the soul, so during the massage I treat your body as the sacred vessel it is. I massage you in a loving and honouring way allowing you to experience your innate sense of divinity through your body.

In the preliminary part of the massage will experience soft stroking with fabric and feathers and a caressing meditation using the finger-tips.The light stroking is such a delight for the skin that it draws the seeker instantly into present moment and so the touch becomesameditation.  This is the essence of Tantra.

I begin with an anointing ritual, covering the body in warmed raw, unprocessed organic coconut oil, which has many therapeutic benefits. It is full of anti oxidants including Vitamin E so it is a great moisturiser for dry skinand even repairs damaged tissues. It is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. And has even more benefits if you eat it.

The relaxed environment with music and incense can create a timeless space where physical boundaries seem to dissolve. The massage itself is a relaxing, sensual, loving whole body experience. The long fluid strokes relax muscles and the parasympathetic nervous system and the shorter deeper strokes release knots and areas of tension.

The massage includes lingham massage and can include prostate massage in a ritual called Sacred Spot Ritual if requested. Sexual arousal is spread throughout the whole body, which can create waves of pleasure and relaxation and whole body orgasms, and for those of the spiritual path there is potential to connect to the divine. It does not usually include ejaculation because this is a waste of your sacred life-giving juices. But if ejaculation happens it is celebrated like everything else in Tantra. Depending on your intention, it can be a more healing, less erotic, intimate, sensual experience where we are connected in a heartful space.

Tantric massage allows you to receive intimacy and sexual pleasure without the pressure to perform. It is also deeply relaxing, reawakens arousal while keeping it relaxed, it is healing from any past sexual challenges, and is an opportunity to learn about your sexuality and ejaculation control. So it is also beneficial for self-esteem, self-confidence, body-confidence and education.

Tantric massage is for you if you want to:

Feel loved and honoured and cherished

Be touched in a way you haven’t been touched before,

Feel the maximum pleasure your body can create,

Experience intimacy without expectation,

Longer lasting orgasms and whole body orgasm

Experience yourself and your arousal in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Educate yourself and learn ways through erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

And so much more…