A Quantum Field of Divine Feminine Energy

for Spiritual Illumination & Self-healing


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Sacred Order


Light, Energy and Information 17


Potential Benefits To You

Enhance your immune system

Recover from fear, anxiety, stress, trauma and overwhelm and instead experience calm, peace, spaciousness and joy.

Experience a direct connection to the Divine

Experience illumination, spiritual evolution, expansion, paradigm shifts and move towards ascension, awakening and enlightenment.

Overcome emotional, mental and physical health problems that do not respond to conventional or alternative treatment e.g. chronic fatigue.

(Self-)healing system means you can learn to do this to yourself  and learn to affect transformation and healing through intention.

Become more centred, grounded, present, balanced, calmer and peaceful.

Reconnect to your body, access your intuition.

Gain a sense of bliss, joy and wellbeing independent of external circumstances.

Experience more flow, harmony and unconditional love.

Connect to your soul purpose.

Sleep better and recover from insomnia


These are just some of the stunning and miraculous results of the Thousand Suns Lotus system for spiritual illumination and self-healing, launched on Easter Sunday 2020, created by mystic and visionary Dr Swan Montague https://www.sacredbyswan.com/thousand-suns-lotus.


As well as learning to do this for yourself you can train to become a facilitator to use this system on others and become a part of the Thousand Suns Lotus a movement creating healing waves across the whole planet.


To experience this system for yourself, book in for a session with me or arrange a FREE consultation to find out how I can help you by emailing: cliona@divinefeminineawakening.





Here’s what one participant said about the training:

“I feel transformed. My soul has grown over the last few months and I feel much more stable, grounded and better equipped to face the next stage of my journey.

During the workshops we were skilfully guided in deep meditations, we danced and moved. We shared emotions, from our hearts, and learned to give gratitude for the delicious food.

In between sessions we were given inspired practises to do at home, these have transformed my relationship to the Divine, giving me a deeper connection to Her and to myself. All of this was given an extra special dimension by so much love and support from the participants and the facilitators”. Chia, March 2019.

Cliona is an experienced intuitive psychic spiritual healer, counsellor, workshop facilitator and conscious dance teacher. She has been on her spiritual journey for 3 decades and hosting groups and workshops for over ten years.