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In February of 2020, I attended the most transformative, life-changing training retreat ever, taking my life in a completely unexpected direction.

This was my introduction to the Sacred Order Of Light Energy & Information 17 (SOLEI 17) a Divine Feminine self-healing system of spiritual evolution and illumination. Since then I’ve become a licensed facilitator and the transformations I’ve seen in myself, pets and clients continues to amaze me. Now I want you to receive the benefits too.


Unconscious patterns wreak havoc in our lives and perpetuate imbalances and struggle. SOLEI 17, uses mandalas, multi-dimensional maps and intuitive card readings to illuminate, heal and transform physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and subtle energy bodies, past lives, karma, complex timelines and soul lessons.


“I had the most enlightening experience after just one session,” says Lyn, Somerset, 3.20.


SOLEI 17 is a miraculous new system for complete wellbeing and the evolution of consciousness. The 188 cards cover feelings, states, issues and general aspects of consciousness blocking us from our full potential. Activation and Transformation sessions can radically and permanently change your life for the better much faster than anything else I know. This system gives you a personal hotline to the Divine Feminine and a toolkit to heal yourself of any ailment, freeing you from the tyranny of big Pharma and paradigm shifts moving your perspective and reality to a completely new and Divinely aligned level, are common.


“SOLEI 17 is a new Divine Feminine system for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and evolution,” explains Dr Swan Montague, visionary and leader who created the system.

She goes on to explain that 17, is the highest master number in sacred numerology and the number of the Goddess; and 1+7= 8 which signifies oneness and infinity. Sun, SOLE in Italian, and SOLEIL in French, is vitally significant because the sun is key in affecting the transformation of human consciousness.

Everyone on the planet could benefit from an Activation & Transformation session. SOLEI 17 can be used for physical healing but more importantly it creates a tangible, “embodied” connection to the Divine, which doesn’t diminish after the retreat. From your first session you are plugged in to a new field of consciousness and Divine healing and evolution. This is especially important now as all external and internal structures, beliefs, thought-patterns, past lives, karma etc are being dismantled and you have the opportunity through this work to write a new script.

Some of the Potential Benefits To You

  • Overcome emotional, mental and physical health problems that do not respond to conventional or alternative treatment e.g. chronic fatigue.
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Recover from fear, anxiety, stress, trauma and overwhelm and instead experience calm, peace, spaciousness and joy.
  • Experience a direct connection to the Divine – unlocking access to your intuition, Divine inspiration and creativity.
  • Experience illumination, spiritual evolution, expansion, paradigm shifts and move towards ascension, awakening and enlightenment.
  • It’s a (self-)healing system so you can learn to do this to yourself, and how to affect transformation and healing through intention.
  • Become more centred, grounded, present, balanced, calmer and peaceful.
  • Reconnect to your body, access your intuition.
  • Gain a sense of bliss, joy and wellbeing independent of external circumstances.
  • Experience more flow, harmony and unconditional love.
  • Discover your sacred life mission and live your soul purpose and life path.
  • Sleep well every night and recover from insomnia


These are just some of the stunning and miraculous results of SOLE 17 the system for spiritual illumination and self-healing, launched on Easter Sunday 2020, created by mystic and visionary Dr Swan Montague (https://www.sacredbyswan.com/thousand-suns-lotus).


“The Sacred Order of Light, Energy & Information 17 is an emanation and manifestation ordering and re-ordering you to divinely align,” says Swan.


As well receiving sessions from a facilitator, you can learning to do this for yourself by training to become a facilitator. Then you can  use this system on yourself and others and become one of the Suns in the Thousand Suns Lotus organisation, a sacred training organisation and a movement creating healing waves across the planet.


To arrange a FREE consultation to find out how I can help you, email: cliona@divinefeminineawakening.co.uk.



“This lady is amazing. Her healing and guidance is profound. I had the most enlightening experience after just one session. Highly recommended. Thank you. Much love”.                                               ~ Lyn, Somerset, England, 22.3.20


“My music is powerfully coming from source now that my chakras are open and the sacred union of masculine and feminine inside me is approaching. It’s greatly down to the work you’ve done with me over the last 2 1/2 years, so here’s a video showing the difference this work has made to my creativity. https://www.facebook.com/mike.keating.773/videos/10157079867702032/


My intention of achieving a meditative state without the mind interfering has happened. I understand I’m in some kind of contemplation, where the soul is in direct prayer without mind or imagination getting involved. Still in that state, but just being more ‘me’ – more masculine, making love naturally without guilt, [playing] music from the root, a lot of my father’s constraints have dropped away without me doing anything. So far I’m convinced.”

~ M, Gloucestershire, England, 25.5.20


“I feel transformed. My soul has grown over the last few months and I feel much more stable, grounded and better equipped to face the next stage of my journey. In between sessions the inspired practises to do at home have transformed my relationship to the Divine, giving me a deeper connection to Her and to myself”.

~ Chia – Stroud, March 2019


“Three sessions with Clio have been transformational and completely changed my outlook on life. And I have a feeling of overwhelming happiness for weeks after my sessions. You really have a gift”.

~ P – Oxford, 26 November 17


Activation & Transformation Sessions (A&T)

There are 8 Activation Mandalas and each one activates and awakens a different level of consciousness. Your evolutionary healing Activation & Transformation session begins when you receive your first mandala. You are given 24 hours to absorb the emanations of the mandala. Then you are ready to have your Transformation. (Usually, support sessions are required in between A&T sessions before you are ready to receive the next mandala and move to the next level). After 8 levels of A&T Sessions you will be able to apply for the facilitator training retreat or to do Swan’s online training course.


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About me

Cliona is an intuitive psychic, spiritual-healer, counsellor and coach. She also teaches and facilitates workshops and is an Open Floor conscious dance teacher She holds space with safety and compassion, sees your true potential, and supports you to step up into that. She has been on her spiritual journey for most of her life expedited in 2001 and has been giving private sessions, consultations, hosting groups and workshops for over a decade.

For more info on the Sacred Order Of Light Energy & Information 17 and the Thousand Suns Lotus go to the founder’s website: https://www.sacredbyswan.com/thousand-suns-lotus