“Dear Clio, Thank you for your compassion and understanding when we met.  I have done a lot of self reflection in my quiet times and the grounding meditative and energy clearing practices you introduced me to have stood out for me. The tantric massage was very soft and I have felt energy shifting as a result.  A stand out was ‘allowing’ and ‘surrendering to what is’; perhaps a metaphor for the changes I am experiencing in my wider life. I was also very emotionally touched when you made reference to my beautiful golden hair.  Unable to explain the reason why but it touched a deep emotional chord within me. Thank you for the self-pleasuring information.  There are lots of useful practices for me to explore. Thank you once again. Peace and blessings”,

R – Gloucestershire 2 September 2019


“I would like to thank you for the months we spent together. I came to Tantra mainly due to a nervousness in making relationships and a poor body

image. The programme with yourself has been an eye opening experience. I am now more confident in myself and have a greater awareness of some unhelpful tendencies in my thoughts and behaviour. This has been both life-changing  in the short term and has given me a process with which to develop and transform in the future”.

J – Bath 12th September, 2019


“Hi Clio, Once again, many thanks for the beautiful Tantric Massage you gave me, it left me feeling full of vitality, erotic sensations and a deeper connection to the divine God and Goddess within. The massage was simply sublime and the connection between us was evident and felt orgasmic for most of its duration.

The Temple Space was beautiful and you embody the Goddess perfectly, so thank you just for being here and doing your vital work on this Planet and in the “Beyond”.

J – Wiltshire 22 April 2019


Hi Clio I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how great I felt about our session.  Everything about the session was unique – specially the degree of intimacy and connectedness. Every touch felt like magic – it took days before my feet touched the ground. Love xx”

C  – London, 17 October 2018


“Thank you for another beautiful, moving and powerful session – and also for a most transformative year. Your work with me has set in motion a whole process of change and new understandings at both physical and spiritual levels. For the first time, I am beginning slowly to integrate the knowledge that the masculine is needed as much as the feminine, that the desires of both are equal in their validity and that it’s OK to be male. Never felt any of that before.”

M  – Gloucestershire, November 2018.


“Working through a programme with Clio is an extraordinary journey of awakening. It’s an experience in discovering the divine passion and energy that’s embodied within the human body and spirit but which too often lies stagnant or asleep. Clio’s careful guidance through Tantric meditations, exercises and texts is showing me how to awaken the energy. There have been wonderful effects already, for example I’m much better able to hold the emotional needs of people close to me.

The process goes on between sessions, and I have no doubt that what Clio has initiated will continue for years, an ever deepening awareness and experience of the divine in all its spiritual and wild forms”.

M  – Gloucestershire, 14 July 2018


“It truly was a deep privilege to meet such a beautiful woman as yourself today.  To spend time with you was incredible and I loved every minute. There is such a lovely presence around you that I just felt so welcome and I could just relax and be myself.

Your skin felt amazing when touching me, and it really was an honour for me to receive such beautiful massage from you. The close contact felt so comforting, and something that I have really missed.  I can’t believe how much my body was shaking. Utterly incredible what you did to me through sensual touch.

You made me feel alive again. Thank you for being there and allowing me to enter into your temple.  I honestly do feel very privileged. Thank you for your loving touch today”.

T – Wiltshire, 4 December 2017


“I visited Clio because I had a heavy burden of emotional pain from years of relationship issues. This was having a negative impact on my life. Clio created a safe and loving environment where I could be present with myself, and her. The discussions, the warmth of her touch, and her healing massage allowed me to release all the pain, guilt and other emotions. The four sessions have totally transformed my life. I feel truly liberated, and the effects continue… Thank you Clio”.

K – Oxford, 6 December 2017



“Three sessions with Clio have been transformational and completely changed my outlook on life. And I have a feeling of overwhelming happiness for weeks after my sessions.

When I say you have changed my perspective on life I mean that before I met you sex, pornography and ejaculation was very important to me. Since then I have realised that what is more important is love, warmth, intimacy and the feeling of somebody making me feel special is what is really important. This is what is special for me about meeting you. You really have a gift”.

P – Oxford, 26 November 17




photography by Nikki Simpson – lightcreations.co.uk


“After being on my own for so many years, living in regret and disappointment, I was fortunate to encounter Dakini Clio and feel her blessed touch of love and acceptance. She reawakened me to my long-lost desire to be in intimacy with a woman again. I felt so safe with her and with tenderness and compassion Clio’s touch returned me to my potential to live a richer, more intimate life that I had so long denied. The trust I felt from her went so far beyond the contemporary moment. It came from such a deep place in her that it evoked trust from a deep place in me and that was my healing”.

B – Gloucestershire, 22 July 2017


“During my sessions with Clio, I felt deeply honoured, accepted and held. Her healing presence and touch helped me integrate my sexuality, heart and spirit, expanding my capacity for pleasure and well-being. Thank you.”

“I slept a full night after the last session and it was deeply healing for me to be so fully met and honoured by her. She really has a gift for this work!”

A – Gloucestershire, 1 August 2017


“Clio is absolutely A-MA-ZING!

She was dressed splendidly in a gorgeous red dress. We did some exercises both breathing and kundalini, before moving on to an absolutely exquisite Tantric massage where Clio held sacred space for me. I just can’t wait to come again! She is awesome!”

M – West Wales, 25 October 2017