The Temple Fires of the ancient lands are still burning

in my heart and soul

 the synergy of ancient and contemporary tantra

is my gift to you



The Divine Feminine

The ancient spiritual practise of Tantra honours women, as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is integral to us all because we are composed of both masculine and feminine energy. In Tantra these energies are known as Shiva, the Divine Masculine and Shakti, the Divine Feminine. The left side of the body relating to the feminine and the right side, the masculine.

The Divine Feminine or sacred feminine is also referred to as Mother Earth, the Great Godess of many names and many qualities – Isis, Ishtar, Sekhmet, Kali, Durga, Mother Mary, Bridgid, Hathor and many more. Many ancient Matriarchal cultures believed and still do, that Mother Earth gave birth to the whole of existence and continues to create, giving birth to ideas, inspiration, projects and life itself with every breath we take. The Divine Feminine energy in the aspect of Mother is unconditionally loving, nurturing, nourishing, grounding and eternal. In her aspect of Warrioress the Sacred Feminine is fiery, powerful, untamed, creatress and destroyer of life as witnessed in the monthly life and death cycle of the menstrual cycle. In her aspect of Lover she is sensual, sexual, erotic, sexy, playful and juicy.

It takes the pure presence of the Divine Masculine to hold space, witness without judgement, provide protection, safety and security for the Divine Feminine to fully dance in her power.

Ancient cultures were often Matriarchal, which was overthrown and became patriarchal for many thousands of years. What is needed is a balance between  both of these poles for the earth to come into balance as is happening now. In ancient history when both these poles come into balance Tantra was born, which explains why Tantra is flowering and growing now.


Temple Priestess

The Temple Priestess is the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Goddess. Her calling is to serve love and the highest good of all. She radiates love, light and magnetic energy and her path is to awaken and initiate others in the path of love. Traditionally the Temple Priestess is an initiator, a catalyst for those on the spiritual path, connecting sex to spirit, the human to the sacred, and teaching how the union of sex and meditation can be a gateway to enlightenment.

The Temple Priestess works in a sacred and honouring way, as a channel for the divine principle of love and a conduit for the sacred fire of Kundalini. Alchemically stoking this inner fire in the temple of our bodies she burns away conditioning, untruths, misperceptions and false beliefs we have about ourselves, and our bodies, and realigns us to our deepest truth, were we know ourselves as divine. She offers opportunities for initiates to experience a state of inner communion where body, heart, soul and spirit are in harmony.

The Temple Priestess honours the natural cycles, the life-giving power, and the deep intuition of her body. She treats her body as a temple of the soul, feeding it nourishing, healthy foods and anointing it with healing, sensual oils, cleansing it energetically to stay in alignment with the divine. This is why in many spiritual lineages it is considered the greatest honour to be initiated into the mysteries by a Temple Priestess.

Called to this work by a longing to be of service, the Temple Priestess has trained in the Tantric sensual arts in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. In many ancient cultures, there were temples devoted to worship and honouring of the goddess of love, where sacred temple fires burned with prayers, healing herbs and offerings. In these temples, sacred priestesses gave healing, initiation, and spiritual guidance to seekers. These Temple Priestesses were honoured and revered as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, emissaries of the Goddess, and held the potential for the spiritual liberation of seekers. Access to the feminine mysteries was a sacred journey, entered into with great respect and honouring. These priestesses were a holy conduit for those seeking enlightenment. Sometimes as sacred prostitutes, they entered into sacred union as a sacrament, if it was for the highest good and for the spiritual growth of the seeker and for the healing of the community.


Fire Hands

“To understand the sacred prostitute, we have to be open to the possibility that sex is more than and sometimes other than penis vagina intercourse….In the ancient temples where sex was a sacrament, learning how to direct the ‘subtle energetic bodies’, was likely often part of the esoteric knowledge passed on to initiates of the priest/esshood… One went to the sacred prostitute to become transformed-to be born again”, says Kenneth Ray Stubbs in his book Women of The Light.

Working Shamanically

The Temple Priestess follows guidance from her intuition, spirit guides, the divine, and her body and senses and may journey for an answer to your concern. She embraces all desires, needs, and longings and transforms confusion in to clarity, pain into healing, and problems into understanding and learning. She helps us uncover the deepest truth of ourselves which transcends the mind and delves into the inner world of feeling, intuition, unconscious beliefs and the deeper dimensions of life.


My Lineages

In previous lifetimes my past life memories showed me that I first trained as a Temple Priestess in the Temple of Isis in ancient Lemuria.

After that I served in the Temple of Sekhmet is Ancient Egypt where I taught in the Mystery Schools.

Then as Mary Magdelene I was an initiate of the Snake Temples and practised the Sex magic of Isis and the Alchemies of Horus.

In this lifetime my lineages include Ma Anand Sarita & Geho of the School of Awakening; and Elaine Young, Triambeka and Raffaeloe Manacorda of the International School of Temple Arts; and the Grail of Sophia priestess training with Kira Swan founder of the Gnostic School of Energy Healing.

I could have called myself sexual healer, tantrika, dakini, spiritual, sexual, shamanic practitioner or sacred intimate but a Temple Priestess in the embodiment of the sacred feminine is who I really am when I step into a session with you.


fiery woman