The Tantric Bathing Ritual is a deeply caring, luxurious and cleansing water ritual that honours the whole body. I will lather and soap your body in a sensual way that is nourishing and relaxing.Every inch of your body will receive attention including your hair. During the hair washing you will receive a head massage to enhance your relaxation and relieve any stress.

It can be deeply healing for the inner child to be bathed by another, the embodiment of the Divine Mother. Or the sensual properties of the warm scented water can give an added dimension of eroticism to the experience the divine feminine in her role as Lover. I use a regular bath tub.


The reason why tantric bathing is such an important ritual is because in Tantra the body is treated as a sacred temple and at Temple Fire Tantra it istreated with reverence and respect. The bathing ritual includes spa type options and can involve some exfoliating treatment if you wish. It is intended for thoroughly pampering and spoiling you.

The skin is the biggest organ of excretion so as well as the obvious cleansing properties of the water I use Dead Sea salts or Himalayan pink salts for extra relaxation of the muscles and also cleansing and purification of the aura. I am also qualified aromatherapist as well as a Tantrika and I will make a personal essential oil blend for your bath to indulge your senses. The tantric way of life encompasses pleasure in all senses and it is recognised that satisfying the body can be a route to a deeper connection with spirit.

The washing ceremony is also linked to washing away illusions. We are all divine beings and I see you as the embodiment of the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine. So symbolically when you have a tantric bathing ceremony, the illusion that you are only human is washed away and removed. So hopefully you can start to see yourself as you really are. The reverence and respect I use is a way of treating you as a divine being. You will get even more benefit from the massage afterwards because your muscles will be warm and supple.

When your tantric bathing ceremony has been completed, you will be dried with soft and fluffy towels and dressed in a sarong. You can decide on the amount of time you want to spend in the bathing ritual, some people enjoy around 20 minutes, others prefer longer.