I offer tantric massage sessions that include meditation and energy work. Coaching, counselling, teaching, emotional release and movement may be included as appropriate. All sessions are held in a temple near Stroud.


All prices are dependent on how important the desired result is to you rather than an hourly rate. The prices below are just a rough guides but I charge by the results not by the hour.




FREE Initial Telephone Consultation

  • 20-30 minutes of counselling/coaching tailored to your needs.
  • Email me to arrange a slot: clio@templefiretantra.co.uk


Skype sessions

  • Minimum £100.


Face-to-Face sessions

  • The first session is a special introductory price of £100 per hour for two to four hours.
  • If you enjoy the session and want to enrol for a programme the price is £100 per hour, sessions are paid for in advance, and the perks are listed below.
  • If you prefer to dip in and out, individual sessions are priced are £110 per hour.




I prefer to work in an ongoing way so that we can get to know each other and I can support you better. This way we build a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust – the foundation for any change – and there is a step by step journey to your desired outcome. So I offer personalised packages and programmes tailored to your needs.


If you want to work with me over a longer term or to work towards a particular goal in your life I offer:

Face-to Face programmes, bodywork sessions that may include counselling or other techniques.

Bodywork & Coaching  programmes, are more intensive because they include alternating bodywork sessions in-person, and coaching sessions by Skype.


What makes a programme better value than one-off sessions is that I am your personal coach for the whole duration of the programme. This means I am available for you in-between sessions. I support you achieving your goal by giving you ‘homework assignments’, handouts, text and/or email support, check-in calls, and ’emergency calls’ if needed.

Examples of possible programmes are – how to: build confidence; have whole body orgasms; achieve ejaculatory mastery and gain more confidence in the bedroom; begin a new relationship; or enhance your spiritual journey or whatever your personal goal is.


  • Face-to Face programmes – involve monthly 3-hour sessions over 3 months or another agreed timescale. £900 paid in advance or monthly installments of £315.


  • The Chakra Journey Programme – The most popular programme – is a series of 7 sessions each session covering one of the chakras. Each session is 3-hours long and it’s done over 7 months= £2100. Payable in full, or 4 instalments of £525 or by monthly standing order in advance by signing an agreement form, or on the pay as you go scheme. (Sessions can be extended to 4 hours if desired).


  • Bodywork and Coaching  programmes – involve once a month 3-hour face-to-face visits, and once a month 90-minute conference calls, alternating fortnightly. This is over 3 months or another agreed timescale. £1350 paid in advance or monthly installments of £473.


  • Pay-As-You-Go Programmes – By popular demand, I also offer Pay-As-You-Go Programmes. What  makes this a programme is that you pay a deposit for the first session usually £150 in advance and then you can pay per session when you come, always paying a deposit in advance for the subsequent session. The cost is £110/hour so £330 for a 3 hour session.

Other programmes can be tailored to your requirements on request.


Email or call Clio for further details: clio@templefiretantra.co.uk or 07960 235 442.

PLEASE NOTE: Bank transfer is my preferred method of payment. If you use the Paypal Button below, Paypal will charge you a 3.4%+20p fee which is your responsibility to cover. For example, if you pay £150, I will only receive £144.70 so you will need to pay me an extra £5.30 when we meet. However, if you pay with Paypal using my email address: clio@templefiretantra.co.uk and choose the Friends and Family option there will be no fee payable.


Session Prices

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