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Making Love Safely & Comfortably


Making love is usually a pleasurable, loving, sensual experience but sometimes contraception mishaps can ruin the moment. If you only discover that your lingham (penis) is bigger or wider, or smaller than fits the average condom, this can be ego-crushing if it happens when you are ready to make love.

When it comes to condoms a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. So My Size has come up with an ingenious tool to measure your lingham and find out the right size condom for you so you can be prepared in advance for the special moment:

Other large size brands are Skin Large, Glyde Maxi and Trojan XL.



If you want hormone-free contraception and have decided not to use condoms or the Rhythm Method, many Tantrikas recommend the Honey Cap. This is a normal NHS diaphragm used with honey as a sperm deterrent – honey has spermicidal properties but rather than kill the sperm it deters and immobilises them. This is a natural healthy alternative to the toxic, chemical-based spermicide that kills the sperm. If you haven’t got one its simple to get yourself fitted for a diaphragm with the NHS or the Women’s Natural Health Clinic. The cap should be kept in a jar of honey when not in use. To use it, just take the cap out of the jar and wash off some of the honey, then use your cap as normal, for a more pleasant, non-toxic, and tastier oral experience. The cap needs to be kept in the vagina 9 hours after intercourse and provides 80-98% protection according to different sources. More studies are required.



For men with linghams so long that deep penetration is painful for their female partners, here’s another helpful sex tool that’s shaped like a donut. “Worn at the base of the penis, the ComeClose Pleasure Ring provides a cushioned spacer between you and your partner whilst (amazingly) maintaining the sensation of full penetration and full body-to-body contact”:


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