I hope this section will help answer your questions and manage your expectations. (The questions are written as though you are asking me).


Does your tantric massage include a “Happy Ending”?

No. There is no goal in Tantra so I do not encourage ejaculation in my sessions, but if it happens accidentally it is celebrated like all other aspects of tantra. The massage does include massaging of the genitals, to raise the life force energy encouraging blissful states, multiple, energetic orgasms and transcendental experiences, without wasting your sacred life-force energy. Please read the Ejaculatory Choice section on the What Is Tantra Page of my website: http://www.templefiretantra.co.uk/contact/


Do you work nude?



Can I touch you?

First sessions are one directional touch only, so I touch you and you receive without touching back. In later sessions I can teach you to do tantric massage and 2-way touch can be negotiated.