Tantra is a Sanskrit word which has a variety of meanings depending on who you read. It may be derived from the verb to weave, or a combination of, to expand and to liberate. My teachers translated it simply as transformation.

Tantra is not a religion but a technique of expanding consciousness, so people can discover their own individual spirituality and see each other as diving beings. It is a spiritual path and lifestyle with a basic philosophy of total self-acceptance and indulgence with awareness.

There are many difference types of Tantra and I practice the Shiva stream of Tantra, which says “yes” to love and sex. It is devotional and feminine and aims to let you experience the Divine in your body in the physical world.

“Tantra teaches you to reclaim respect for the body, love for the body. Tantra teaches you to look at the body as the greatest creation of God. Tantra is the religion of the body. Of course it goes higher, but it never leaves the body; it is grounded there,” says Osho an enlightened Indian mystic.

Tantric Meditation

The primary technique used in Tantra is meditation. Shiva was a Tantric god who  lived about 5,000 years ago in India and developed 112 methods of tantric meditation for enlightenment. On a more mundane level any activity becomes a meditation if we bring our full awareness to it, even walking, washing the dishes, dancing, massage and lovemaking. The secret is to focus and allow ourselves to tune everything about that experience particularly the sensate body – the physical sensations and the emotions, images, connection to spirit. The challenge is to do this without talking to ourselves about the experience, or getting carried away by thoughts and judgments about it, while it is happening, instead of being the experience.



Embrace, Temple Fire Tantra

photography by Nikki Simpson – lightcreations.co.uk


Sex and Heart

In Tantra our sexual life force energy, combined with our heart energy make the experience a spiritual experience, and a vehicle for awakening if that is your reason for coming. When sex and love meet in meditation you become divine, and you can start rising in love, elevating yourself into a higher level of consciousness. In this way tantric practitioners can see each other as god and goddess. The archetypal embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine principles.

Sex–never repress it! Never be against it. Rather go deep into it with great clarity, with great love. Go like an explorer…Sex I just the beginning, not the end. But if you miss the beginning you will miss the end also,” says Osho.


Ejaculatory Choice

Directed sexual energy has the power to manifest things that we want in the physical world. It is very powerful and this is another reason the churches denigrate sexuality. They don’t want us to become too powerful or have a direct personal connection to God.

Tantra is not goal orientated. It’s not all about the orgasm. While orgasms may happen with or without ejaculation, Tantrikas enjoy the sensations at every stage or lovemaking, the exquisite feelings of love and intimacy surpass the experience of a quick orgasm, depletion, retreat and sleep habit many people get into. And riding on the waves of orgasmic energy throughout the whole body is a much longer lasting satisfying experience.

Tantra gives men ejaculatory choice. You can still have energetic orgasms without ejaculating and thereby conserve your life force energy. There are other side effects to frequent ejaculation you might even call post orgasm hangover:

As well as the obviously tiredness men feel after ejaculation from loosing some of their life force energy, they loose the capacity for multiple orgasms.

Immediately after ejaculation oxytocin the bonding hormone drops which can explain why sometimes we feel less attraction to our lover soon after sex and want to take some space.

Also serotonin ‘happy hormones’ dramatically drop, which may explain irritability, anger and conflict in relationship.

As your tantric journey unfolds you become able to practice ejaculatory mastery and choose when to ejaculate and when to retain your semen.

Alex Vartman from The New Tantra explains why and recommends reducing the frequency of ejaculatory orgasm: http://21daychallenge.com/


“Once you understand the ecstasy of sex, you can understand what the mystics have been talking about – a greater orgasm, a cosmic orgasm,” says Osho.