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New paradigm loving: – Tantric lovemaking and the myth of romantic love Part 1

The New Paradigm

Part 1 of 3 Part Series


Our world is in a crisis and transformation. We are moving out of an era of patriarchal domination – taking us towards our collective death, into a new paradigm of Divine feminine energy. This will eventually end the suppression of the feminine and recalibrate the world into balance, equality and harmony. But in the meantime, we have to navigate the chaos and collapse of the transition.


While it’s challenging to witness the breakdown of the society we know, the church, politics, the financial system and academia – we have an unprecedented opportunity to collectively evolve into a new way of being and higher consciousness. It’s not so much a choice as an imperative, because those who fail to adapt will suffer.

The new paradigm is not just about equality of men and women, it is also about living in harmony with the earth, being at home in our bodies, and more importantly balancing our inner worlds – the inner masculine and feminine principles within us all: gaining equality between the outer world of things and the inner world of symbol and metaphor. Recovering the repressed feminine side of ourselves, our soul, will help us feel whole. Through achieving Divine Union of the inner masculine and feminine within we don’t need to find someone on the outside to feel complete, we will already feel complete and we can choose whether or not to be in intimate relationship.

Steph Bradley, writer and storyteller says, “I call it Humanarchy… the Divine Couple perhaps, when the two energies are seen as equal in the dominant narrative”.

Effects of the new paradigm are feeling more presence, unconditional love and joy, experiencing oneness with everything, reconnecting to the intuitive wisdom of the body, and the joy of sensual pleasure, which is healing in its own right, as well as being a means of connecting to the Divine.

Alan J, Tantrika describes the new paradigm as: “Deep connectedness to one’s self, to others and the environment; …Rooted in ‘being’ and listening for inner wisdom…, [being] sensitive to the interconnectedness of all, [and] having inner authority, so [it’s] naturally non-hierarchical. Rediscovering our ability for immense sensual pleasure is key …as this has been so repressed, demeaned and demonised in the patriarchal culture for so long”.


Many people are sensing the new paradigm without understanding it: realising that all living beings have equal right to be here as we have, and that we need them all to maintain equilibrium in the ecosystems of the world.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling more: kindness, calmness, empathy and acceptance of others, more natural flow, more interest in relating to others, more collaboration rather than competition. Or maybe you’ve noticed you are less: triggered, attached, or less money focused.

Looking at it from the perspective of the soul, Dr. Swan Montague, spiritual leader and visionary says, “The new paradigm is here. The level of soul evolution and karmic balance that has been achieved through consciousness healing, clearing and re-aligning now determines the quality and events in each person’s experiences. The vital inner re-balancing of masculine and feminine…and The Divine Feminine being able to re-manifest Her unconditional Love, Light and Might on earth, is the key to a more harmonious  and sustainable future”.


As part of this paradigm shift, we need to learn more loving, nourishing and supportive ways of relating. Tantra is one way.

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** An edited version of these 3 parts was published in Kindred Spirit magazine in April for the the May/June 2020 edition. Please buy a copy.