Temple Fire Tantra

Welcome to the temple. As a Temple Priestess, I am here to serve love and the highest good of all. My role is to empower, awaken and initiate others on the path of love, so all sessions are loving, intimate and nourishing. With love, Clio x

How I Work

I am passionate about embodiment, empowerment and spiritual evolution – the journey to living our highest potential. One of the most potent doorways to this is through our sexuality. My own journey has included training in tantra, counselling, somatic trauma therapy, massage, conscious dance, bodywork, meditation, breath work, emotional release and more.

I work in a sacred and honouring way, and in sessions there is a sense of spirit, something bigger than we are, holding the space. Within this context you can expect to experience pleasure, healing, deep listening, love, understanding, complete acceptance of who you are and your desires.

Sessions usually include meditations, massage and other forms of conscious touch. They can also include counselling and coaching, emotional release, initiation, rituals, energy work and breathing techniques.

I work completely intuitively in a sacred and honouring way with people who are on, or beginning a spiritual journey and I act as a guide to where you want to go.

Sessions are always led by your intention and grounded in love and held in a beautiful temple in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

About Tantra

For me, Tantra is the synergy of sexuality, heart and spirit. It’s about working with raw, sexual life force energy in a sacred and honouring way – for healing, pleasure, wholeness and transformation. Tantra is about welcoming everything: so I create a safe holding space where you can bring all of yourself – your deepest desires, wishes, concerns, vulnerabilities, the awkward, the ordinary, the painful, the passionate, the shameful, the joyful, the playful, the curious. Embracing all aspects of who we are can be a portal to consciousness, transformation and the ultimate liberation.

When we bring our presence to anything it becomes sacred. And when we bring our presence to loving our sexuality it becomes a doorway to experiencing God and Goddess and oneness with all that is. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit out of your normal range of experience, we will always start where you are. And this may be the beginning or the unfolding of your own spiritual journey. You don’t have to, do or be anything other than open, heartful and willing and you will never have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I believe that at essence each one of us is divine and lovable. There are times in everyone’s life when we need a companion or guide to accompany us. If you are ready, take my hand…